About Us

About Us

Famous Food Products has been built on the commitment of delivering a fresh taste of home to Asian consumers living in Western countries. Through innovation, experience, and exceptional customer service, we bring those tastes you remember into your kitchen.

We consistently provide any and every product a customer has demand for and compete aggressively with our competitors. In addition to our products, we provide exceptional customer service, in which the company believes in developing a successful relationship with its customers.

In business for over 25 years, we provide exceptional products at an exceptional price. Lastly, with the company’s continuous growth and quality products from around the world, Famous Food Products is continuing to make a name for itself and remain successful for years to come. Call or e-mail us if you’d like any information or to just learn about opening an account with us today!

Feel free to contact us via email at: info@famousfoodproducts.com


What We Offer

We are importers of exclusive brands such as: National Foods, Tea India, Pakola, K&Ns, Jazza Foods, Mazedar Frozen, Nestle Everyday, Shezan Mango, EBM Biscuits, Dilpasand Sweets, among many others.

Famous carries stock consisting of multiple types of flours, lentils, spices, and dry fruits to satisfy our customers need to fulfill an end-to-end grocery supply. Our selection also includes our reliable ‘Famous’ label consisting of various juices, spices, rice, lentils, fried onion, canned beans, and ginger & garlic pastes. Our possession of well-established brands ensures our delivery of exceptional products at an exceptional price.